Best institute for PHP training course Mohali, Chandigarh

SQL Server 2008

HTML Basics

HTML-elements- basic tags, attributes, formatting, entities, links, frames, Tables, list, forms-post and get method, form elements, tables, Images, background colors, color values, color names.

Designing Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)

• CSS – Introduction, syntax, background, text, font, border, outline, margin, Padding, list, tables, Positioning, pseudo class, pseudo element, image Gallery.
• Web Page Designing Using HTML Editor


• Introduction to JavaScript
• Introducing variables and literals, objects
• JavaScript and the web browser
• Introduction to event handlers
• The document object, Images, Links, Forms
• Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic Style Sheets, Positioning, Document Object Model.


• Installation, customization, syntax
• Variables, string, operators,
• If-else, switch, Arrays
• Looping, function, forms
• File Handling
• File Uploads
• Sending emails from PHP
• Sessions, Cookies
• Installation, customization, Database Structure
• Introduction to SQL and MySql
• Principles of database programming from PHP
• Creating tables, Adding and changing information
• Retrieving information from a table and reporting it to a web page
• Deleting tables, PHP ODBC
• Database Connectivity
• OOPS Concepts

Advanced PHP

• Web Services
• Security
• WordPress


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